Womens’ Lifestyle 60th Birthday silver Australian Sixpence watch

A genuine 1959 Sixpence Coin

A stunning outfit includes the smallest details. This elegantly-designed Coinwatch timepiece will complete your sophisticated look.

Keep your busy lifestyle on track with this reliable and elegant Coinwatch wristwatch. It’s a perfect blend of style and function.


Show off your refined taste with this elegantly designed Women‘s wrist watch. It has a sleek look perfect for formal events.

It has a brilliant 2-tone silver and gold link bracelet for a warmth and luster that never goes out of style. Highly resistant to corrosion and rusting, the stainless steel band offers a great mix of style and practicality. The simple clasp provides a secure and comfortable fit.

Nothing compares to the classic look and luster of a stainless steel case finished in silver. It has a round face, for a look that never goes out of style. It features a silver Sixpence dial for a classy and contemporary look.

A silver bezel gives this design a brilliant shine and pairs beautifully with a variety of band colors and styles. Precise and practical, Swiss quartz analogue makes this piece ideal for everyday use. With a water resistance depth rating of 30 metres, this piece is protected against accidental splashes and spills.

The Lifestyle 60th Birthday Collection from Coinwatch

  • genuine Australian Sixpence silver coin dial and gold hands
  • qualilty Swiss quartz analogue movement with a sweep second hand
  • round stainless steel case finished in silver
  • hardened mineral crystal
  • 2-tone silver and gold stainless steel link bracelet


Coinwatch in Australia

The brand was founded as Coinwatch in Australia in 1984.

All Coinwatch watches use quality Swiss-made movements and are manufactured by professional watchmakers.

Coinwatch has received endorsements from national mints around the world to produce timepieces which capture local values national characteristics. Australian coins often incorporate native animals in their design, and (until present day) the image of the King or Queen of the Commonwealth.

Coinwatch in Australia uses premium, Swiss-made quartz or automatic movements, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, refined finishing, cases and bracelets in 316L stainless steel and at competitive pricings. Each listed Coinwatch item in our Australian online store will identify the materials used in the construction of that item.

All Coinwatch timepieces are created to appeal to the watch enthusiasts who are fashionable, confident and creative.