The Australian Half Penny Coin Watch

The Australian half penny was introduced in 1911 and minted until 1965.

The original design featured a reverse with the words “ONE HALF PENNY COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA” until 1939 when it was redesigned by George Kruger Gray (1880 – 1943) to include a kangaroo and the Commonwealth star.  The kangaroo image was also on the Australian kangaroo penny and has since been included on the one dollar coin and the bullion silver kangaroo.

Weighing 5.67 grams, the half penny was made from 97.5% copper, 2.00% zinc, and 0.5% tin.

Half Penny Watches by Coinwatch

The Australian Half Penny coin is 25.4mm in diameter which will be reflected in watch sizings.

We have limited year dates for this coin. Please request your preferred year date in the ‘Additional Information’ section at time of checkout.

Only genuine coin faces are available for these watch styles.

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